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Amigos2u is created to connect local workers and you. It’s fast and affordable.

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About You

You have a long history of hiring local workers and they have become essential human resources for your business operation. Over time, traditional, method of searching for local workers have become less effective, costly and time consuming. is created to connect local workers and you. It’s fast and affordable.


Our Services is not a temp agency. We do not hire or loan our workers to you. You will be the employer and solely responsible for payroll, tax, insurance, work comp etc. will search the best local workers and connect them to your business.

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$350 for 2

Touchscreen Computer


Affordable one time fee

The typical fee of a temp agency is about 35 to 50% of employee’s pay rate. For example, if an employee works one month at hourly rate of $12, your agency fee will be between $640 to $800 per month. This can be an expensive proposition for many small business owners. only charges for search and connect services, eliminating monthly recurring charges of payroll and employment services.

Fee Structure

  1. Basic Fee is $350 for a minimum of 2 workers to show up at your workplace for job interviews or to start work.

  2. If E-verification is required for employment, our fee will be doubled. For example, $350 X 2 or $700

  3. Amigos2u offers 10% discount for high wage

  • Minimum wage plus $1.00 for 1st Shift or Light Duty

  • Minimum wage plus $2.00 for 2nd / 3rd Shifts or Heavy Duty


Please note our service fee is based on successful meeting between you and the candidates regardless of employment you might offer to candidates. Based on job descriptions you provided; our candidates are  making a trip out to your workplace voluntary for possible employment. You may hire or may not hire them, but our service is delivered upon the moment our candidates meet you. If you are not satisfied with candidate, and want to meet other candidates, we can arrange other workers at additional fee. See the number 2 and 3 for details.


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